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Our Approach

Our success results from our technical expertise, prudent financial management, environmental track record and commitment to adding value to the communities and all stakeholders where we operate.

I t’s an approach that allows us to maintain healthy margins without compromising safety and world best practices, even when the price of gold retreats.This means we have the knowledge and expertise to identify and prove up our resources and reserves, develop and improve assets, increase production levels and productivity margins and identify new business opportunities.

It’s also an approach that enriches local communities through the provision of long-term jobs, provision of small business opportunities for the whole village including women and investing in village and community infrastructure to improve health, education and standard of living.

Underpinning this approach are our values. We are genuine, honest and forthright. We will respect all stakeholders we deal with, behave responsibly and are accountable for our actions. We aim to be benchmark company for environmentally friendly, profitable and sustainable mining without losing our local operating philosophy. This will allow us to build strong, lasting partnerships in the countries where we operate

We have operated safely and with care for our people, local communities and the environment. This allows us to operate each and every day knowing world best practices are being followed. It allows our employees to be proud of the company they work for and our local stakeholders to trust that we do what we say we’re going to do.

This commitment to excellence is the backbone of our approach wherever we operate.

Our Vision

Is to own and develop sustainable mineral resources, and to be a committed corporate citizen wherever we find ourselves.
Profits are achieved through safe, sustainable and transparent mining and business operations.