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Why we consider our mining methodology to be world leading practice.

Operating with Integrity

W e are committed to operating with integrity. To us, this means being honest, straightforward and accountable. Our word is as good as a contract and we when we say we’re going to do something we will do our utmost to follow through. We believe all stakeholders must benefit for a project to be successful. No stakeholder will ever be the worse off for having dealt with us.

It also means acting with respect, for our people, our neighbors and our other stakeholders. We work with local stakeholders to find solutions to issues and concerns and to develop sustainable opportunities.

We will also behave responsibly, prioritising environmental stewardship at every stage of the mining life-cycle. We asses our potential impacts and identify ways to mitigate these to ensure our environmental footprint is as small as possible. We take our responsibility to protect the air, water and soil very seriously and use best-available technologies to pro-actively measure and monitor our activities.

Enriching Lives

W e believe that the benefits of our operations far exceed the value of the metals we produce. We aim to enrich people’s lives through safely building and operating mines.

For our employees, this means nurturing their talent and developing healthy, secure workplaces. Ensuring our people return home safely every day is our top priority.

For local communities, this means creating direct and indirect employment opportunities, minimising the impact of our operations, and making investments in health, infrastructure and education. We encourage local stakeholders to contribute to, and benefit from, our projects. At all our operations, we work closely with our local partners to build strong, vibrant communities – communities that will continue to thrive long beyond the life of our mines.

For host governments, this means ensuring they benefit from their natural resources. Through foreign direct investment and the royalties, taxes and export revenue our projects generate, host nations share in the success of their natural resource development.

Our Vision

Is to own and develop sustainable mineral resources, and to be a committed corporate citizen wherever we find ourselves.
Profits are achieved through safe, sustainable and transparent mining and business operations.