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Our strategic approach focuses on financial prudence and operational discipline. We are trusted operators who astutely identify the best opportunities, persevere in the face of challenges and partner with our stakeholders to build value.

e have achieved success through our commitment to three fundamentals: asset quality, technical expertise and capital & costs discipline.

High-quality assets allow us to maintain low cash operating costs and ensure profitability even when metal prices are low. Our assets are located in five tenures and we aim to have projects at different stages of the mining life cycle within these tenures to mitigate risk from weather events and similar.

The technical expertise of our management team is considerable. The managing Director has been involved in numerous mines throughout Africa, Asia and Australia and has developed a lean mining model that allows us to keep capital and operational expenses down without compromising efficiencies, production, environmental matters or safety.

Our directors bring a disciplined approach to our balance sheet. This will give us the financial flexibility to develop our mines and projects as well as expand our exploration programs.

The three-part focus of our strategy will be the foundation of our future economic and resource growth.